Love Is The Beauty of The Soul

My God is an Awesome and Powerful and Loving God!

This blog kind of jumps around, but I had quite an eventful day full of mixed emotions, an anniversary, but most importantly, praising Our Lord and having quite the spiritual renewal this morning!


Other than giving my life to my wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, there is one other date that became the best day of my life…well, at least so far 🙂

On March 31, 2012, all of my dreams came true! The man that God has chosen to be my soul mate asked me to marry him in the beautiful Horticulture Gardens at Virginia Tech. The proposal was everything I had ever wanted! No one was around, just he and I (minus some class that was on the other side of the trees, but I didn’t care) right in the midst of my favorite flowers, during my favorite time of the year. And I’ll never forget his cute little laugh right before he proposed. Now, I know it was his, ‘you have no idea what is about to happen,’ giggle. 


Exactly one year later, I’m sitting here in the guest room of the apartment “studying,” while he actually does his homework for his graduate school class. I am so proud of him and the man that he is.


As I said before, today was a day full of mixed emotions. Our sunrise service at First Christian Church was wonderful! Our choir (Gerald included) sang a wonderfully, beautiful song, and our Pastor, Randy Morris, had a wonderful sermon. We then left after the sunrise service so Gerald could speak at Asbury United Methodist Church for their 10am service. After leaving Asbury, we managed to make it back to First Christian for our 11am service, in which Gerald and I participated in our Easter cantata. After our cantata, Gerald helped Randy baptize two members of the church. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine and it felt like I was standing right next to Jesus just singing His praise!


Unfortunately, around 1:30pm, we heard the terrible news about the horrific accident on I-77. All I could do is think of the poor people involved and praying no one was severely injured or killed. As each hour and half hour went by, the number of vehicles involved in the accident kept increasing. At this point, I was sick. I had no idea who was involved, but I grieved for so many strangers. At this point, the media has informed us of only 3 fatalities, which is a blessing out of a 95 vehicle accident, however, it is still 3 lives that left this earth and their families on Easter day. I do hope that they were able to spend the Easter afternoon with Our Lord. I also received some terrible news about a friend’s husband. He was called home to be with Our Lord the other night. I can’t imagine what she is going through at the moment, but my heart hurts for her.


Out of such a mixed emotions day, I am still praising God for all I have! I’m sitting with my fiance and our sweet kitten, and we’re safe. I have my grandmother and grandfather that I am so glad I got to see today. My mother, father, and brother who are all safe as well…and are probably asleep at the moment…ahem, where I will be not long after finishing this *yawns,* and most importantly, the Eternal life He has given us through His Son Jesus! AND THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!!!! I could start listing all the blessings He has given me, but I don’t think I have enough time for that. I’m just glad we have eternity to thank God, because it will take me that long and maybe longer. 🙂


My Prayer for the evening:

Thank you, God, for all the things you have done for us all! Thank you for watching out for me, my families, and those involved in such a horrific accident! Thank you for sending your Only Son, to die for my sins and everyone else’s sins, Father, and resurrecting Him on the third day. We love and we thank you for loving us with such an unconditional love that our human minds cannot begin to understand or fathom. In Jesus name, Amen! ❤


Blessed is an understatement!

This has definitely been an interesting week. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m slightly an emotional basket case or if it’s because everything I’ve touched or thought of has blown up in my face. And I thank God for it all! I’m SO glad everything has happened the way it has! If it hadn’t, things would not be as wonderful as they are now. I’ve learned so much in the past few days.


This week, I was “shopping” around for reception venues (that allow dancing and music) and with our ceremony venue in Galax, Virginia, it has been slightly difficult. I’m still on the hunt, but I am no where near as frustrated. I had an emotional break down (something that has not happened to me in a VERY long time) at the beginning of the week because of finances, school, being sick, the wedding, really, anything an everything I touched. Last night, was the turning point in not only my week, but my life!


I was talking to my mother last night about everything that has been going on and she said everything that needed I needed to here. God definitely has used my mother greatly throughout this process. She told me that I needed to take the whole wedding to the Lord in prayer and trust in Him and have faith. Honestly, I felt like it was silly and a waste of God’s time to pray about my wedding. After some thought, I decided to give it shot. What could it hurt right? So, I spent quite some time praying about the wedding and asking for God’s guidance throughout it all, and for Him to help me remember that, no matter what others think or how our wedding goes, all that matters is that on May 24, 2014, I will be marrying my best friend, my partner, and my soul mate that I will spend all eternity with worshiping and praising Our Lord and Savior!


Since I have put this wedding in God’s hands, several things have fallen into place so easily! This morning, I headed to the church to reserve the days of the wedding, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and to ask a few questions about the do’s and don’ts. The church is now booked and I also have several places to look into as far as a reception venue, asked our wonderful and amazing organist to play for the wedding, and the ladies of the church even offered to help cater my rehearsal dinner (that I was going to try to cook myself). Never did I think that my trip to the church this morning would turn out to be such a help! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful and supporting church family and pastor! He has also blessed me with so much more than I deserve…you know, blessed is an understatement for all the things God has done for me. Such an understatement!


Thank you God for all that you do for us! 

“And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Luke 11:9 KJV

“There’s NOTHING He can’t do!”

Since November of 2012, I have had the HUGE and super scary responsibility of teaching children’s church on certain Sunday mornings out of each month. Due to sickness, I’ve only been able to teach a total of two lessons (including this mornings lesson), however, I learned much more today than I have in the entire 6 years as a Christian.


Honestly, since I’ve had these recent health issues, I’ve not been thinking straight…And it’s not that I can’t think straight, it’s just, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve not wanted to. I’ve finally started getting better and things are beginning to fall into place a little more as things go on, but I still find myself struggling in my spiritual life-The most important aspect of life.


This morning, needless to say, was not a good morning for me. The whole week had been nothing but bad news and things that had been planned on and set in stone for months, randomly decided that guidelines were going to change with threw off EVERYTHING, I was not feeling well, at all, and I didn’t really know if I could make it through the lesson that I had planned, nothing worked, clothes didn’t fit right, hair wouldn’t cooperate, I looked like death-warmed-over, etc,etc, however, I had bigger fish to fry this morning than having a little pittyparty for myself. Then, I thought of my fiance, who’s good friend had a heart attack yesterday morning and is in the Cardiac Care Unit at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, and how things could be much worse for me. I sucked it up, did the best I could with the hair, makeup, and clothes, and prayed the whole way to church, because I knew that Satan was trying his best to discourage me and bring me down, and I knew I couldn’t get rid of him on my own.


I made my copies and had everything set up for my ‘expected’ number of children (with extras that I would hopefully need). As always, the children’s church teacher waits at the back of the church for the kids after children’s time…When our pastor dismissed the kids from children’s time, I had one child walking back to me. ONE CHILD! I was immediately heartbroken, discouraged, and extremely worried. The activities I planned involved groups (now I know to prepare for anything). At this point, I wanted to punt Satan’s rear end as far as he would go. Immediately, I began praying since I didn’t know of what else to do. We did our lesson and decided to do a few coloring sheets and coloring activities. My one child found this page with a bunch of small pictures of Jesus on it. She started coloring all of them frantically. I didn’t ask questions, as I was speaking to someone else in the hall. When I came back, she had cut them out and said, “Can I go give these to the children in the nursery?” I said, “of course,” with a confused, but impressed look on my face. My eight year old student looks at me with the most sincere and innocent face and says, “I want to give them all Jesus so they can put Him in their pocket and take Jesus everywhere they go. Because we all need Jesus all the time, no matter how good or bad life is.” I smiled and attempted to fight back tears.


I walked with her over to the nursery and as she handed each child a picture of Jesus she said, “Here, put this in your pocket and take it EVERYWHERE you go, that way, you will always have Jesus.”


We get back to the classroom and I told her how sweet it was of her to give the younger children little pictures of Jesus to carry with them. She spoke up without hesitation and said, “Well, the picture may be small, but Jesus is SO big! There’s nothing He can’t do!” Unfortunately, we had already ran out of time to just sit and talk about more, but I couldn’t help but hug her and tell her thank you for making my day.


Sometimes, God has to make things extremely obvious to us Christians because we’re either not looking in the right places for answers, or we’re not looking at all. He reminded me that He’s always with me, no matter what and that He’s ALWAYS going to be bigger than the problems that arise in my life…And He used my eight year old children’s church student to teach me a lesson and to remind me that He’s in control! I have been truly blessed today with more than just waking up to see another day…I would list the blessings God has sent my way this wonderful day, but I don’t think there’s enough space.


God bless our children! ❤


I have failed…

I’ll be the first to tell you that I love God and tell you of all the amazing things that He has done for me. Although it’s not easy to say, I have failed Him. I’ve begun to notice that I’m not including Him in my daily walk of life. Tonight, I was talking to a friend of mine, and our conversation took a turn to how we’ve not been including God in our lives like we should. Then and there, in that moment, it hit me in the face like hitting a brick wall; I really am not living the way I should.

I immediately started praying. Praying for forgiveness for leaving Him out of my daily walk of life. Praying for forgiveness for all the many sins that I, as a Christian, have sinned. I’m not perfect, no one is, but God sent His Son down here to die FOR US! For you, for me, for anyone who chooses to believe! But in God’s eyes, I am perfect, because my sins are covered by the blood that His Son shed over 2,000 years ago for us all. How great is that!!! One so perfect, came to this sinful earth, and gave His life for us, sinners. He loved, and loves, us unconditionally! There is no other love like the love Our Lord has for us! How could I leave Him out of my daily walk of life? Even though I didn’t do as I should, He walked with me every step of the way and never left my side.

With all that being said, I am going start, right now, living my life the way He would want me to live the life He gave me, and including Him in every waking, and non-waking, moment of this life!

He gave us this life to live for Him and to spread His word and minister to others. And as a child of Our Great and Almighty God, I am going to do just that! Anyone want to join me? 🙂

May God bless you all! ❤ 

The Reality is Beginning to Set In…And I’m EXCITED!!!!

Here lately I have been having issues sleeping at night, and honestly, it’s beginning to pay off because I’m accomplishing quite a bit! Not only with the wedding, but cleaning and getting organized for my classes. Tonight, however, has been one of the most productive nights, EVER! Call me crazy, but I began to write my vows for our wedding.

I know that there is so much that I love about Gerald and so much that I want to include in our vows, that if I wrote them all at one time, it just wouldn’t be enough…I’d forget something…So, I began writing them tonight…and let me tell you, I got through one paragraph and started bawling! The reality of our soon-to-be-marriage began to set in, and let’s be honest, I’ve never been so ready to marry this man as I am now! God has truly blessed my life with such an amazing man and I love him with a love that, words just can’t even begin to explain. I know that people say that I’m just way too young for this and, you know what, to them, maybe I am to young. But one thing I do know, is that for me, I want to begin my life with Gerald and I don’t want anything more than this. God has definitely been so good to me!!

With that being said, looks like I’m going to have to figure out where to hide some tissue for the big day, because there’s no way I’ll be able to get through these vows without crying. 🙂

To my married friends…HELP! In need of Photographer and Videographer!

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day from the moment she’s old enough to dream of love.

I was lucky enough to find my soul mate at such a young age. And believe me, I have cherished every moment we have spent together thus far, and I will cherish those that are to come. However, with our wedding 16 months away, and I, being a broke college kid, the nerves are beginning to set in.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to finalize guest lists, budgets, and decide who’s paying for what. I have only accomplished one of those tasks. Today was completely dedicated to the budget since my second semester of my junior year starts Tuesday (and after Tuesday, I will have no life until May).

I have two main concerns with my budgeting and capturing the perfect moments of the most perfect day; Photography and Videography. I can’t seem to find a photographer and a videographer with unlimited coverage of our wedding day.

I’m sure as the big day gets closer, I will have many other concerns that are much more important. But, I feel that Photography and Videography is just as important as anything else. You want each moment possible captured in a picture or on video…or at least I do. 

With all that ranting being done, to my married friends; HELP!! I’m aware that wedding photos and videos are not exactly the cheapest service, however, names of photographers  and videographers, or any advice would be greatly appreciated for this bride-to-be! 🙂

Thanks to all in advance!

Starting off the New Year right…bumming it out with the fiancé

This new year has started off great! Yeah, I was a complete and total bum almost all day, but I was able to spend the whole day with my sweetie 🙂 

Even though we were total bums, we managed to get all the music sorted and made arrangements to get instruments for Gerald’s Pep Band at Wytheville Community College. Unfortunately, sorting out the music took about 3 hours…and his music library continues to grow. Gerald’s parents did come by to visit on their way home. I love random visits from our amazing family 🙂

And for some reason, the guest list came together and was finalized tonight! Yay! Plus, we picked out all the music for the ceremony, put together a tentative wedding program, and discussed ceremony decorations. The excitement is starting to set in!!!! 16 months before I can marry my best friend and the love of my life! AHHHHHHHH!!! I can’t wait! 

2013 is beginning to look like a great year. Can’t wait til 2014 though 🙂